Reverse diabetes and heart disease

Sessions with Karen can be scheduled online, via phone, or in person (northern Illinois and Madison, WI). Customized services are also available in addition to the standard packages.

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4 session package

Fresh Start includes an initial in-depth assessment (60 minutes) to discuss existing health concerns, medications and current lifestyle. Together we develop a personalized health plan and determine a unique roadmap that’s tailored to you. 

This is followed by 3 weekly 45 minute visits either in person or virtually, and weekly “touch base” check ins. It also includes online resources for additional education and accountability. Cost is $85/week for 4 session package, and can be renewed as needed. Call for your FREE initial 20-minute phone consult. 

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Stay the Course

6-8 week program

Stay The Course follows the Fresh Start program, continues for the number of weeks you determine, and is renewable as needed. The additional support in this program builds on your success, and includes fine tuning of your individualized health plan to ensure that your new health habit(s) will be sustained for many years to come. 

 Flexible plan (virtual or in person) to meet your personal needs.


“Habits are habits. You can’t just throw them out the window. You need to walk them down the stairs one at a time.” 

-Mark Twain


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Integrated Health


Are you at a crossroads with a health problem? Concerned about harsh medication side effects?  This service is a 90 minute session to discuss possible alternatives and approaches, and provide you with pertinent resources. Call Karen for your FREE 20- minute phone consult and more info on this service. Cost is $250. 

Seminars & Workshops

Karen is available as a guest speaker for your workplace or organization on holistic health solutions.

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