Why “diets” don’t work

Thousands of Americans started a new “diet” on January 1 as part of a New Year’s resolution, and by late January, more than 50% of these “diets” have gone by the wayside.
WHY Don’t Diets Work???
“Diets” make us think of restricting, of bars and shakes that taste horrible, and of never having pleasure around food again.

I’ve found with my clients, that this term also has a lot of emotional-upset charge around it. Perhaps they’ve tried “diets” in the past that were unsustainable, difficult to execute, and simply didn’t produce the long-term results the client wanted.

Here’s the thing. The word “diet,” is antiquated. It doesn’t give us the feelings we want around lifestyle changes we want or need to make.
Like…excitement that we’re doing something good for our body. Or that we wake up with more energy and more focus to get through our dayand therefore more time to spend with people we love, doing what we love.

To achieve lasting results in any change we make, we want to start moving towards what we want, rather than away from what we don’t want.

I’m going to say that again: to achieve lasting lifestyle changes, we need to move towards what we want, rather than away from what we don’t want.

Here’s an example:
Rather than saying “I can’t have that cookie because it will mess up my blood sugar,” I might say “I value my relationship with my body more than eating that cookie, what if I had a piece of fruit instead?” 

This kind of reframing can help us to step into an abundance mindset around lifestyle changes that might feel restricting, and help us to work towards the positive. This technique has helped many of my clients achieve the lasting results they want to see.

Let’s ditch the “D-Word” together
and start moving towards what we want:
feeling better every day. 

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