Your Key to Successfully Reversing T2 Diabetes

I was so embarrassed that I was crying at the nurses’ station.

We had just learned that one of our well-liked patients, a 43 y.o. pilot, had to have his toe amputated due to Type 2 Diabetes. I wasn’t the only one wiping back tears, but I felt so defeated. Our medical team had tried numerous medications and had done all that we could, but we weren’t able to stop the progression of his diabetes. We also knew that he would lose his job.

Four weeks later–due to a stroke of good luck or a godsend–I attended a seminar on reversing diabetes given by a well-known M.D. from the Washington, D. C. area.

I was totally astonished.

Diabetes could be reversed with dietary changes????


I was excited, but doubtful. We hadn’t learned that in graduate school, and it certainly wasn’t the “normal” Standard of Care.

That was 17 years ago, and times have changed.  The rates of diabetes have sky rocketed in this country, and fortunately the science on treatment methods has expanded. Dietary changes–based on current research– are now an essential part of diabetes care. In 2018, the American Diabetes Association revised its stance and recognized that remission of Type 2 Diabetes is an appropriate goal of diabetes management (ADA, 2021). Since that time, I have become impassioned with helping diabetics reverse their condition using a whole food diet.

But here’s the catch: Changing our eating habits is hard!!

Who doesn’t love a Big Mac????

Enter another stroke of good luck or a godsend: Four years ago, I became a Board Certified Health Coach. I learned and mastered the specific tools to help people accomplish health habit change.

I founded my company, Integral Health Solutions, LLC, with a passion to empower people to follow a healthier, plant-strong diet to reverse diabetes and avoid or reduce medications.

If you’re reading this post today, congratulations!!

You are looking for answers!

Perhaps you’ve been told that you have diabetes, or that you’re “borderline.” Or perhaps you have a spouse or family member with diabetes.

What is your biggest health challenge right now?

I would love to hear about it. Respond in the link below, and let’s set up a phone call.

My strong background working in healthcare as a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, and my step-by-step process will help you reach your health goals. One of my recent clients, S.O., was able to lower his fasting blood sugar from 209 to 127. Another client, J.G., lowered her A1c (blood sugar measurement) from 7.6 to 6.0 in 6 months and lost 25 pounds.


Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?


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