Is cheap food really a value?

A popular fast food chain offers its “Value meals” at a remarkably low price. And grocery stores often advertise various packaged and processed food items at a huge discount.

So it oftentimes seems that the healthier foods such as fruit, veggies and chicken breast are way more expensive. BUT, truthfully, it all depends on how we measure the cost of our food.

A study by the USDA found that although cheaper processed foods cost less per calorie, they cost MORE per nutritional content. When you consider that the primary purpose of eating is to provide your body with the nutrition and the fuel that it needs, eating healthy is definitely a much better deal financially.

For example, healthier foods such as fruits, veggies, and fresh lean meat are higher in important nutrients that the body needs (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, protein), as compared to a hamburger on a bun with fries. So, you would have to eat a much larger quantity of the burger and fries to get enough of the nutrition your body needs.

What are my
tips for staying in my food budget?

–eat fruit and veggies that are in season–the nutrient content will be higher, and usually the price is lower

–eat less!!! Don’t waste your money on empty calories, except for an occasional treat. Fast food and processed foods are not good for your wallet or your waistline.

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