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About Karen Radtke - Holistic Health Coach


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Trust the expert! Karen Radtke, a Holistic Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, offers unique, nutrition-based solutions to conquer food cravings and reverse Type 2 diabetes. Her compassionate, client-centered approach enables her clients to eliminate mood swings, and avoid or reduce medications. Her strategies utilize the latest research on health habit changes to achieve optimal health.

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If you’ve been to multiple doctors and been prescribed numerous medications, or if you’ve identified specific health goals but struggle to accomplish or maintain them, it’s time to recruit additional expertise and support.

Karen's 20+ years of clinical experience and her non-judgmental style will help you develop and implement a personalized road map to better health. Click to make an appointment for your FREE 20-minute phone consult, or to learn more about how Karen can help you live the full and healthy life you’ve been seeking.




Karen has advised and coached me on numerous health conditions over the past several years, and I have benefited tremendously from her holistic approach. She is a good listener, and helped guide me when I needed diagnostic testing for a medical problem. She also helped me to recognize how much a stressful family situation was negatively impacting my health. 



I have spent the last year working with Karen as my counselor. She has been wonderful to work with! Karen regularly checked in with me and offered support and encouragement as I began my weight loss journey. She was instrumental in connecting me with a nutritionist and made sure we were a good fit. I will forever be grateful for Karen’s positive, caring attitude and her nutritional advice. 



Karen Radtke is that rare sort of healthcare practitioner who is not only highly skilled professionally, but also possesses keen intuition and compassionate empathy, allowing her to deeply connect with her clients as people rather than simply "patients." This, along with her ability to integrate alternative approaches that complement standard health care, make her a true healer in the most profound sense. I highly recommend her.